This is a post that has highlighted 4 advantages of engineered hardwood floors. 


What are the advantages of engineered hardwood floors? 


AFFORDABLE – the engineered hardwood floors are affordable. They look exactly the same as hardwood floors but only have a thin layer of hardwood above the plywood. No one can easily segregate the two types of flooring. This same text allows the provision of change for the user. They can shift towards these affordable hardwood floors which are engineered in order to provide the same style. An individual can easily invest in these floors and save money. 


EASY TO INSTALL – these engineered hardwood floors are available in two patterns to install. An individual can glue down the floors or even screw as per the needs. The interlocking planks can be used to stick the floor. Individuals can easily install these hardwood floors without any hassles. 


WATER RESISTANCE – the engineered hardwood floors are more water resistant. This is in comparison to the hardwood floors. This is because the hardwood is only present in the top layer of the flooring. Because the inner part of this flooring is plywood, no need to worry about the water resisting power. 


EASY CLEANING – an individual can consider engineered hardwood floors due to their easy maintenance. All you have to do to clean the flooring is just mop it. Hardwood does not allow mopping of the floor, whereas an individual can easily mop the flooring and make it shine like new. If you are willing to opt for an easy cleaning mechanism, then this flooring is for you. Just grab a towel and scrub it around the floor. No need to invest heavily in these floors. Just a quick vacuuming is essential for the cleaning. This is because the top hardwood layer is very thin. An individual is not scheduled to use sand on the top later to clean it. It is hence, not to be sanded. 


It is to be noted that the engineered hardwood floors do not have the capacity to regain their shine. It cannot be refinished. Therefore, an individual cannot increase the lifespan of these hardwood floors. They have a lifespan of about 30 years. 




Long story short, engineered hardwood floors can be used for their affordable nature and offer the same quality as that of hardwood. 

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