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6 Questions to Ask When Selecting the Best Commercial Paving Company

Commercial pavement projects will be different from residential ones. Depending on the size, more work will be required. Also, contractors need to keep in mind the usage of the pavements as well. Parking lots may be used by heavier vehicles more frequently. Preparing the hot mix and the ground underneath accordingly are key steps. Paving installations need to be tailored according to the requirements.

Commercial pavements including parking lots and driveways are of great importance. These are outdoor extensions that are often responsible for the first impressions of the business. So, keeping them neat is the best way to go. Selecting a commercial pavement company is an important decision. Here are a few questions that you should always ask:

1: Do You Have Experience with Commercial Projects?

Firstly, ask them if they have experience with commercial projects before. This is a very important question when selecting your pavement specialists. Commercial projects are not as frequent as residential ones. Also, they are very different in nature and completion.

Many paving companies will only offer residential services. Making sure your selected company offers and has offered commercial projects is the best way to go. Commercial parking lots are usually much bigger than residential driveways. This requires extensive work and specialized equipment.

Also, smaller contractors will have too few people and crew members to support large commercial jobs. In scenarios like these, they will need more time than larger companies. So, never compromise on the selection of pavement companies.

2: Have You Worked on Local Projects? If Yes, Which Ones?

Ask your selected pavement company for references. Confirm if they have worked on local projects near your location. If they have, ask them which ones. What you can do then is to visit the project they recently finished and check the work out in person.

Also, sometimes, it helps to ask their previous clients about the quality of work and service. Asking for references always helps make the right selection. Parking lots and pavements have been designed for many years. So, it makes sense to investigate the quality of work you will be getting.

Additionally, local experience makes contractors understand local conditions better. They will be more familiar with soil conditions, climate, and other factors. With extensive knowledge, they will be able to provide the perfect solutions for your requirements.

3: Can You Meet My Project Requirements?

Every project has different requirements. Some are required to be completed quicker than others. Also, some will require more soil preparation than others. Talk to your local asphalt paving company about your specific requirements. Ask them everything you need.

An experienced paving company should be able to handle custom requests as well. Also, different combinations of asphalt for unique purposes will be required in certain cases. A solid paved surface will need to be prepared according to your specific requirements.

When the right asphalt hot mix is prepared depending on use and other factors, it will have fewer cracks going forward. A good paving company will be able to provide the best solutions depending on the amount and load of traffic for the pavement.

4: Will You Ensure Timely Project Completion?

Some businesses hire asphalt contractors at the initial stages of their property development. Also, there are some will get to asphalt pavements and parking lots near the end. So, how would your paving company guarantee project competition on time for your needs?

Also, there are many other factors at play. Ask them about the safety standards they will follow. Verify if they are insured and licensed to provide the work you need. Also, also them if they will complete the project with their team or will they rely on any subcontractors?

The timeliness of the project will depend on all these factors and more. So, do the right thing and ask all these questions as early as possible. Enquire about the vetting process in cases they will subcontract certain services and parts of the project.

5: Do You Provide Repair Works?

Another very important question to ask is if they will provide repair work. Also, some driveway companies will provide some type of warranty for a certain amount of time as well. However, you will always do better by selecting a company that will provide repair work when required.

Also, ask them how good is their repair work process. If you have checked any previous references, make sure to ask them the same question as well. Ask how long they take to provide services when called including crack and pothole filling.

Also, seal coating will be required every couple of years. Ask them if they provide seal coating add-ons as well. It is always easier to deal with one asphalt pavement company than having to look for a different one every time you need repairs or support.

6: How Much Will My Commercial Project Cost?

Pricing is always something that should concern businesses. Different pavement contractors will quote different prices for the same project. While selecting the lower prices always seems tempting. There are other factors involved in the process as well.

When you need a quick finish, pricing may change. The number of people they need to dedicate to your project will impact pricing as well. So, what you can do to have a smoother process is to get quotes from a few different service providers in the selection process.

Select the best deal and service based on reviews, feedback, and experience. Ask them all the other questions and finalize on a service provider that will finish your project most efficiently.

Bottom Line

Selecting the right asphalt pavement company is always important for commercial parking lots and projects. Select them based on their experience, local conditions familiarity, size of the company, and timely finish guarantee. Pricing and repairs are important factors as well. Select a service provider that will provide the best services going forward. Proper maintenance should make your commercial pavement last more than two decades.

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