Why Protein Shakes Could Be Harmful To Your Health

Protein shakes are often preferred by a lot of people who would like to lose some weight. They have often incorporated into their daily workout regime because thanks to the way they are often advertised, they are looked at as drinks that boost fitness They are made from milk, eggs or soy meaning just as the name suggests, they can truly add protein to your diet. However, recent studies show that they could actually be harmful to your health when taken too often. They could actually be toxic to your health even though your physiology is what determines to what extent this will be the case and also, protein shakes could affect your nutritional well being.

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1. They Could Cause Food Allergies

A food allergy usually refers to an abnormal response to food by the immune system in your body. A specific protein is responsible for it and despite the fact that infants and children are the ones who often suffer from it, adults can also have food allergies. The ingredients in protein shakes which include cow’s milk, eggs and soy protein could bring about an allergic reaction in certain people. As a result, they could end up suffering from diarrhea, vomiting and even shock.

2. A Protein Shake Could Give One An Upset Stomach

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If you happen to be lactose intolerant, then a protein shake is something you want to stay away from because they could contain milk sugar lactose. Lactose intolerant people’s intestines do not produce enough lactase and in some cases they produce none. That just means they are incapable of breaking down the lactose, meaning the sugar moves undigested and the bacteria in your gut can consume it. This will cause production of gas, bloating, diarrhea or abdominal pains.

3. It Leads To Malnutrition

Regular consumption of protein shakes could result in your excluding other nutrients that your body needs. When you eat foods that are rich in protein you also benefit from the iron content in them. They could also contain fats that are healthy for your heart, calcium and vitamin B12 which you will certainly not get in supplements. Sometimes, people could end up seeing protein shakes as their fuel source which could lead to their displacing whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This is a health risk because you will miss out on vitamins, fibre, minerals and much-needed phytochemicals in your diet.

4. They Could Damage Your Organs

It’s very easy to find yourself consuming more protein shakes than your body can handle because they are very convenient, which is not good for you. It’s safer if you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle with your diet. That said, people who suffer from kidney disease or those at a high risk of developing it should stay away from it because it could worsen the situation because your kidneys will be overworked.

5. They Could Cause Obesity

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While excessive consumption of dietary protein shakes is not too bad for your kidneys, they could actually have you gaining a significant amount of unwanted weight. The explanation for this is that since your body does not store an excess amount of the amino acids you take in, these amino acids are either burnt as fuel or stored as fat in your body. Consuming surplus protein makes you exceed the number of calories your body needs in a day. This means it increases your risk of becoming overweight.

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