When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction (ED), fildena is a rock star drug, and not only because it was the first to market.

One of the first names you’re likely to encounter if you’re one of the millions of adult men who either live with erectile dysfunction or fear you may have it is this medicine, which was approve for usage back in 1998.

Like other drugs, fildena is available in a variety of doses, from as little as 25 mg per tablet to as much as 100 mg. Depending on how severe your symptoms of erectile dysfunction are, your doctor may prescribe a dosage that is specific to your needs.

Is taking 100 mg of okay? If your healthcare practitioner has recommend you take 100mg of fildena, the highest dosage, you are safe using it. However, compare to fildena 25mg or 50mg, this dose marginally increases your chance of side effects.

We’ve describe what fildena is below, along with how it works to treat erectile dysfunction.

We’ve also cover what you should know before taking oral fildena 100 mg to treat ED, including some side effects you should be aware of and how to take the drug for the best outcomes.

Fildena: How Does It Work?

Let’s go over the fundamentals of how oral fildena functions as a treatment for erectile dysfunction before talking about various dosages.


The prescription medicine class known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, or PDE5 inhibitors, includes fildena. These drugs function by widening the blood vessels that deliver blood to your penis.


The actions of a cyclic nucleotide known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which is involve in this process, are particularly significant.


The smooth muscles inside your blood arteries are relax by this enzyme, allowing blood to flow to your penis and other areas of your body. PDE-5 reduces cGMP levels in the blood, which facilitates erection onset and maintenance.


In other words, fildena and other ED drugs facilitate intercourse by giving your penis the blood it requires to become and remain hard.

Is 100 mg of fildena right for you?

Erectile dysfunction drugs like might provide several advantages if you have erectile dysfunction and want to address it. 

The normal time for fildena to begin working is one hour or less. When use as direct, it can offer erectile dysfunction relief that lasts for about four hours. Even better, you can take a single pill of it whenever you need to before you intend to have sex.

The FDA currently only permits the use of 100mg of to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Your doctor would likely prescribe 50mg of fildena as your initial dose if you have mild or moderate ED. This is the standard oral dosage for, and for most men, it is sufficient to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance. 

If you are susceptible to side effects or if your doctor feels that a dosage of 50 mg of fildena is not necessary in your situation, it may be reduce to 25 mg in some circumstances.

If, after using a lesser dose of fildena, you still have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, you will often only be prescribe 100mg of the drug.

If you experience severe symptoms, your doctor may also begin treating erectile dysfunction with this dosage. For instance, you can begin treatment with a single dose of 100 mg of fildena if you are unable to erect at all, even after intense sexual stimulation.you can purchase 100 mg from royal haven.

How Effective Is 100mg of Fildena?

Given fildena’s stellar track record for treating erectile dysfunction, it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of men experience success when taking the drug at its highest dosage. 

In clinical trials, it was discover that males with ED who use fildena at a dosage of 100mg experience some improvements in erectile function.

In the same trials, it was discover that 50 mg and 25 mg of fildena, respectively, result in improvements for 74% and 63% of men. 

Participants with ED were given an initial dose of 50 mg of fildena, which was then increas to 100 mg in a different trial to see how well men would respond to having their dosage increase.

The men took 50 mg of fildena for two weeks, then 100 mg of an hour before sex.

These results were support by a relate investigation. Some individuals with erectile dysfunction had their dosage of fildena increase to 100mg for the following four weeks after receiving it for the first four weeks at 50mg.


Although the quality of their erections and overall level of sexual pleasure increase after using 100 mg of fildena, study participants did exhibit some improvement after taking the first dose.

There were a few males in the research who had flushes and palpitations as a result of taking, but overall there were not many problems.

Fildena Side Effects 100mg

For the majority of men, both the brand name Viagra and fildena, its generic equivalent, are safe and reliable drugs. They do, however, have the potential to have certain negative effects and drug interactions, just like practically other drugs. 

The majority of fildena’s adverse effects are minor in nature, and they rarely last as long as the drug is actually working in your body. However, the use of  may occasionally result in more serious or annoying side effects. 

Fildena side effects frequently include:



Indigestion, or dyspepsia

Vision modifications (blurred vision or altered perception of colour)

nasal clogging

Muscle discomfort, myalgia 

back ache

a skin rash



In clinical studies with fildena, for instance, 28% of men report headache (by far the most prevalent adverse effect) at a dosage of 100mg, compare to only 16% of men who use 25mg of the drug.

Fildena and other PDE-5 inhibitor medications may interact with other medicines, including some widely use pharmaceuticals for the treatment of chest pain, excessive blood pressure, and other heart- and cardiovascular-relate problems.

 Before using fildena or another PDE5 inhibitor for ED, it’s generally a good idea to let your doctor know about any medications you are currently using or have recently use.

It’s crucial to let your doctor know if you have any underlying illnesses, especially if you have heart disease, sickle cell disease, pulmonary hypertension, an irregular heartbeat, or if you’ve ever had a cardiovascular event.

How to Take 100 mg of Fildena

The fact that fildena is a simple drug to use is one of its main benefits. can often be use before sex without causing any serious problems. To maximise the effectiveness of this drug, there are a few things you can do. Try to: Take 100mg of an hour or so before intercourse. It often takes  an hour to begin working. Take your prescribe dose of fildena one hour prior to your schedule sex time for best results.

If  doesn’t work the first time, don’t be upset. Erectile dysfunction can be cause by a number of circumstances, and sexual performance anxiety is one of them. may not be completely effective if you start to feel anxious before intercourse.

Don’t freak out if fildena doesn’t work the first time you take it. Instead, keep using it before having sex and let your doctor know if you don’t see any change over time.

Be cautious when using natural ED remedies. Some herbal ED treatments contain undeclare or hazardous components, so they shouldn’t be taken with fildena. It’s advisable to stay away from using any of these items because they can make drug interactions more likely.

Combine fildena with wholesome practises. Simple behaviours like regularly exercising, having a balanced diet, and consuming less alcohol can all improve erections and sexual performance.l

Along with utilising fildena, make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. 14 methods are share in this guide to naturally sustaining an erection so you can lower your risk of ED and have better sex.

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