Gil Farming in FFXIV

Gil Farming in FFXIV

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Players can make gil through a variety of means. Selling valued items on the market board is one way that many players earn significant sums of money, especially if they are undercutting other sellers.

Growing thavnairian onions is another consistent source of income, although it requires time and dedication. Crafting is also an option; some veteran players make 5-25 million a week from creating high-quality gear and selling it.


Several types of in-game activities provide players with quick, easy Gil. These include participating in optional content such as dungeons or raids, gathering and selling materials (such as the Disciples of the Land classes of Botany and Fishing) and reselling gear that is in demand. Players can also decipher Treasure Maps to earn a significant amount of Gil for their efforts.

Another common method involves leveling up a low-level crafter or gatherer Job to make items that are in high demand. For example, a player with a Carpenter can tap into the housing market by crafting basic furniture for players decorating their Free Company or personal houses. In addition, many players make a living by flipping gear on the Market Board — which requires knowledge of market trends on their server — for fast, consistent profits.


The most popular ways to make money in best way to earn gil ffxiv are through crafting and gathering. However, these methods may not appeal to players who are more interested in combat or want a way to earn gil quickly without having to do these tasks.

Another dependable method is flipping items on the market board. For example, prisms sell well because there will always be players who are in need of them. Additionally, housing items can be sold to those who are looking for a particular style of décor or are crafters who need certain materials.

In addition to selling base materials, overworld mobs also drop crafting items that can be sold on the market board for a decent profit. This is a good way to earn money while playing the game or even while watching TV. Keep in mind that this method is a slow one, but it will give a steady stream of income.

Tradecraft Leves

While gathering can be a solid way to make gil, it is a time sink and can take away from other activities that are more lucrative. Players should consider buying a crafting profession like Blacksmith or Armorer for their ability to provide HQ items that are always in demand on the Market Board.

Likewise, selling class quests is an excellent way to earn money for your gil stash. Most of the time, these are a profitable venture that will pay back in gil within 24 hours.

In addition, the recent 6.3 update introduced new high-level raids and dungeons that can be a good source of in-game currency. While these may not be the most efficient way to farm gil, they are an additional source of income that will build up over time. Lastly, participating in Treasure Map Parties is a great source of gil and experience for your character. You can find these parties in your guild hall or by searching the Market Board.


Reselling is a good way to make some quick gil. Overworld mobs drop crafting materials that can be sold for a lot of money to NPC vendors. You also don’t need to have a high level gathering or crafting class to sell things.

The furniture glitch is a steady market that can earn you a lot of gil. If you have a high level Carpenter and are capable of crafting basic furnishing items, this is an excellent market to tap.

Keeping your crafting and gathering classes up to date with new content is a solid way to make a lot of gil. It’s important to be aware of supply and demand for different items because as people pick up a certain item the price will likely increase. This is a good reason to keep your servers Market Board close at hand and watch what sells well. You may need to adjust your methods accordingly.


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