How Can I Extend Gmail’s Undo Window With Scheduled Send?

How Can I Extend Gmail’s Undo Window With Scheduled Send?

12 October 2022 Off By James Thomas

Gmail’s standard un-send feature won’t work if you want to delete an email that you sent hours ago. Thankfully, there is a solution to this specific problem. You can schedule to send your email rather than pressing Send, allowing you extra time to consider what you wrote and make any modifications that may occur to you in the event of an epiphany. Both the desktop and mobile platforms of Gmail allow you to schedule emails.

If you’re using a desktop computer and wish an email to send at a specific time, press the small up arrow to the right of the Send button to extend the Send menu instead of hitting Send, and then take the following actions.

To connect with a Gmail customer support agent, dial the helpline. The customer service team is available to help you with any problems you may be having. Your query will be answered by Gmail technical specialists when you call the Gmail Support Phone Number.


Go To The Guide Below To Learn The Procedure:

  1. Tap Schedule sends to access the Schedule Send choices pop-up from the Send menu.
  2. You have a few default selections to select from in the pop-up, or you can tap Pick date and time to be more exact. The moment you choose a specific time and day, your email is scheduled. Follow the instructions to plan your email for sending at the time you choose if you choose Select date and time.
  3. An option labeled Scheduled will show up in the inbox sidebar once you have chosen a time and date for sending your email. access the Planned outbox To view all of your planned emails.
  4. You can enter it and select Cancel send if you wish to make changes to your scheduled email before it goes out.
  5. Gmail displays the email in the draught editor after you press Cancel send so you may make any required adjustments.
  6. After making your adjustments, you can send your email again or schedule it for a later time.
  7. If you’re using Android, you can get the Schedule send selections by touching the three vertical dots next to the Send key and choosing that option rather than the drop-down that is already incorporated into the send button. The remaining steps are nearly identical to those in the PC version.



Users who are still unable to address their problems can call the Gmail help desk at the Gmail Helpdesk NZ. Calling well-trained and knowledgeable support professionals in the customer care department is strongly discouraged.

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