How to Buy Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard?

If you need a small, robust, bright keyboard, you should get the Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB. This keyboard is made for gamers who want to type quickly and with lights that can be changed to different colors. This article will give you all the information you need about this keyboard and how to buy Gamdias Hermes e3.

Features of Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard has these features:

  • It has 61 keys arranged to make it smaller and easier to take with you. It also has eight extra buttons for controlling the computer’s sound, music, and other things.
  • The keyboard has Gamdias-approved mechanical switches that can be pressed 50 million times, more than 20 million. You can choose the switches in blue, brown, or red colors based on what kind of touch and noise you like.
  • It also lights up in many colors and has 19 cool lighting effects that you can change with just one button. You can change how bright and fast the lights are to match how you feel and what you like.
  • The keyboard can press many keys at the same time without making mistakes. This is helpful for games that are fast and need accurate movements.
  • Firm aluminum edges and curved keycaps make it durable and high-quality. The keys are shaped to fit your fingers and give you a good grip and comfort.

How to Buy Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Online?

If you want to buy the best Gamdias Hermes e3 Keyboard, you can find it for sale on different websites. Here are a few choices:

  • Amazon is a viral website where you can buy many things, like gaming keyboards. The Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is available on Amazon for ₹3,499. 00 You can get free delivery and a 7-day replacement policy. For free, you can get no-cost EMI (easy monthly installment), and particular bank offers on specific credit cards.
  • MD Computers is a website that sells computer parts and accessories. You can purchase the Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard on MD Computers for ₹3,499. 00 It comes with free shipping and a 1-year warranty. You can pay cash when your order is delivered or use online payment options.
  • Gamdias is the website for the brand that makes the Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard. You can purchase the keyboard from the website for $49—99 with no cost for shipping and a 2-year guarantee. You can learn more about the keyboard’s details, qualities, and what others think about it on the website.


The Gamdias Hermes E3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a good option for gamers wanting a small, robust, colorful mechanical keyboard. It comes with special Gamdias switches and colorful lights, supports pressing many keys at once, and has a solid, lightweight aluminum frame and designed keys for comfortable typing. You can purchase it on Amazon, MD Computers, or Gamdias for a reasonable price and with different advantages. 

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