How To Start Paypal Business Account

Everyone Know that Online payment is First choice of all Business Man in all Type of Business Industry. Because PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay online in Any Where in world without sharing financial details, send and receive money or accept credit and debit cards as a seller. If You are new Business Man In any industry and You Need to PayPal Business Account for Online Payment. But You Don’ t Now How to Open it at online, don’t worry This Article Specially for Them. In this Blogs You can easily Understood that How to Open It online, and what needed Document for it.

Follow the mentioned steps accordingly to open a PayPal Business Account:

  1. Firstly, if you do not have a PayPal account then you should navigate to and then select the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  2. And if you already have an account then you should log in and select the ‘Settings gear icon from the top right.
  3. After that right under the ‘Account Options,’ you will need to select the ‘Upgrade to business account’ option.
  4. And then to keep your personal account and create a business account (as recommended), you will need to select the ‘Use a new email with your business account’ option and select the ‘Next’ button.
  5. You must now enter your email address and then select the ‘Continue’ button.
  6. Then you should enter a password and select the ‘Continue’ button again.
  7. You now also need to enter your business information in the given fields.
  8. Next, you will need to check the box to agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and then select ‘’Agree and Create Account’.
  9. You will now have to enter your ‘Business type’ in the provided fields and then fill in the requested information (you should know that this varies according to what type of entity you have selected). After doing so, you just got to select the ‘Continue’ button.
  10. And now you should fill in the ‘Tell us more about your information then select the ‘Submit’ button.
  11. Finally, when you are done you will be taken to your new business account Dashboard.

Once you are through with the above process as instructed then you should be good to start using the same However, in case you face some issues then you should to Contact Official PayPal customer team

To make sure your money, your personal information and your business stay protected, Sometime PayPal team take extra precautions and limit your account. This usually happens upfront if you’re a charity, a trust or operating in a higher risk industry, but it can happen to any business at any time.

If PayPal team need to verify your business, They will be email you and let you know what’s going on. Follow the in-account notification to confirm your details and provided any required documents. It’s important you act fast to avoid impact on your business operations and cashflow.

In Last I will recommend To you That always log in to your account at to provide sensitive information and documents.

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