International Primary Schools in Nagpur Offering Nursery Schools Admission

International Primary Schools in Nagpur Offering Nursery Schools Admission

Nagpur is an important city of the state of Maharashtra that is known for its oranges throughout the country. It is also home to a very large number of aspirational people who want the best for their children in terms of the kind of schooling they have access to. Luckily for them Nagpur has some of the best international primary schools anywhere, many of which offer nursery school admission. Let us look at the best ones out of these.


Top 3 International Primary Schools in Nagpur

1. Global Indian International School Nagpur

Global Indian International School Nagpur is one of the best known private schools in the city, offering its students a world class education. Run by the globally renowned GSF network of international schools, it boasts a state of the art campus replete with  facilities and some of the best teachers anywhere. It offers its students access to the Global Montessori Plus (Nursery Junior KG, Senior KG and CBSE curricula across grades 1 to 5.

The school is known to transform the lives of its very young students by providing them with world class education that is holistic in nature and designed to help them maximise their potential. 

2. Centre Point School Nagpur

Centre Point School Nagpur is reputedly one of the best schools in Nagpur. With a well appointed campus and some of the best teachers anywhere. It provides access to the leading Indian curriculum and offers classes from grade 1 to 12. The school is  located on Katol Road in the verdant environs of Seminary Hills and is known to provide the most enabling environment possible for children to learn in a holistic manner where academics is combined with extracurricular activities to ensure all round development of its students.

3. Jain International School

Jain International School Nagpur is a well known boarding school that was founded in 2006. It offers classes from the pre-primary level to class 12. It boasts a sprawling 43 acre campus on Katol Road known for its sylvan environment. 

The school is known to provide its students with a very holistic education that ensures that they learn , grow and develop in the best possible manner. It is not surprising, therefore, that admission to this school is very highly sought after.



Nagpur is a leading city in the state of Maharashtra and is known to be a major centre of commerce. It also boasts some of the best schools in the region offering education that is second to none anywhere. Its primary schools are particularly well known for their high quality of education. 

The fact that there is a fairly large number of schools offering nursery school admission means that the children of Nagpur are quite fortunate in terms of the options available to them, when it comes to good schools.

Going forward, one can expect these children to give a very good account of themselves, bringing much acclaim to themselves and their alma mater. They will also contribute to making the name of their hometown shine.

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