The negative repercussions of erectile dysfunction (ED) are almost as serious as the condition itself.

The general consensus among medical professionals throughout the world is that ED is not a true illness on par with typhoid, malaria, etc. Instead, ED might be a precursor to a more devastating illness.

Similarly to how a fever, although not a sickness in and of itself, is a warning sign that a more serious illness is on the way. When anyone is suffering from ED, it is a strong indicator that he may be a victim of another ailment which he may not know until now.

Because of this, physicians often need a battery of diagnostics before they’ll write a prescription for a drug like Fildena 100, Cenforce 130mg from pillspalace. This is done to determine whether there is an underlying illness responsible for ED.

What may cause ED?


More than a million people die every year from smoking-related illnesses including asthma and cancer. But nonetheless, the number of smokers is growing as more young people are becoming hooked to it.

The lack of oxygen and blood flow slows the body’s organs down. This means that when a person experiences sexual arousal, an insufficient quantity of blood reaches the penis.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

The only time drinking becomes problematic is when norms are broken. Otherwise, a few drinks might be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

However, it first harms the neurological system when ingested in excess. Insanity occurs when the brain stops controlling one’s body. Vital enzyme secretion, impaired blood flow.

In many cases, sexual stimulation fails to cause an erection because all the main blood vessels are constricted.

This is why most alcoholics and smokers turn to erectile dysfunction drugs like Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista from pillspalace.

Diabetes mellitus

Insufficient insulin prevents glucose from entering cells from the blood. This leads in sugar levels increasing to such a degree that even the urine becomes sweet.

Diabetes, often known as diabetes mellitus, is the name for this disease. Keeping an eye on sugar levels is the only reliable method of treatment for this.

The blood is no longer just blood, but a combination of sugar and blood, and this prevents enough blood from reaching the penis.

Consumption of fast food

One of the reasons why people need to take Pillspalace Fildena, Cenforce, or Vidalista is because they eat too much junk food.

Many fast food items are high in “bad” cholesterol. The body need good cholesterol as a source of fat. However, harmful cholesterol obstructs blood flow by closing up the openings of arteries.

since of this, the heart needs to beat harder to compensate, leading to a rise in blood pressure and eventually hypertension since the organs aren’t receiving enough blood.

since of this, an erection is impossible since the penis and other organs get less blood. When cholesterol levels are much over normal, a person is said to be obese. Patients with obesity can simultaneously suffer from diabetes and erectile dysfunction.


It’s less probable that a person with mental health issues would seek out sexual pressure. It’s common sense that being free of worry and tension is necessary for generating sexual desire.

Similarly, if someone is unhappy, gets agitated when interacting with strangers, and wants to be alone. A person like that would never consider engaging in sexual activity. This is why mental health evaluations are performed prior to ED treatment.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) may also be brought on by accidents involving the penile area.

Everyone knows that the penis’s erection depends on the amount of blood flowing through it. Therefore, if the penile region and the blood vessels are significantly wounded. This may have a devastating effect on blood circulation.

Medicine and surgery may be able to repair minor injuries, but in the worst-case scenario, the patient will be a fixture in the ED for the rest of their lives.

ED makes us vulnerable to getting contracted with

  • Patients in the ED are more at risk for developing mental health issues including depression. A person who has to go to the emergency room often gets made fun of and laughed at. The patient’s self-esteem and sense of value would plummet under such care.
  • As a result, their mental health deteriorates, and they eventually succumb to depression.
  • Try meditating and doing yoga for 30 minutes daily to keep negative thoughts at bay.
  • Don’t let having ED make you feel any less manly; instead, treat it like any other illness. These kinds of ideas are the major cause of their misery.
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