There are six companions you can get in The Outer Worlds. You can get them through the main story and the two DLCs. But how do they compare to one another?

From the start, The Outer Worlds makes a few things very clear. One, living in a universe run by corporations would be terrible, as in horrible, soul-crushingly terrible. And two, the Companions in this game are the best that Obsidian has ever made, both in terms of how they are written and how they help in combat as a whole. But their true strengths and weaknesses don’t become clear until the player character has done all of their side quests and been with them for a long time.

So, to help new players or people who want to play again while waiting for the next part of the game, let’s go over the 6 followers you can get in The Outer Worlds and rank them. Keep in mind that each Companion is good at and bad at different things, so the “best” Companion may not be the best one for some player character builds.

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