Remember Always, Don’t Put Your Leftover Food Kept In Aluminum Foil

Remember Always, Don’t Put Your Leftover Food Kept In Aluminum Foil

30 August 2022 Off By Editorial Team

Did you know?

Aluminum foil seems to be the best solution to keeping your leftovers good for longer. Just like that, you put a piece of foil over your food and it’s good for round 2. Anyway, that’s what you’d think. Unfortunately, foil isn’t the best way to do this. Read on now to find out why!

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil

We use aluminum foil for tons of things in the kitchen. Sometimes you use it to cook and other times we use it to wrap up our leftovers. But did you know that it’s actually not good to use it for the latter?


It seems pretty harmless to wrap up your leftover meat in aluminum foil. Just put it in the fridge and you can heat it back up the next day. Unfortunately, foil doesn’t do a good enough job to keep oxygen from getting into the food. This allows bacteria to grow. This also means that your food won’t be as good the next day and it’ll go bad just as quickly as if you hadn’t wrapped it up at all.

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Saran wrap

What can you use instead of aluminum foil? Saran wrap keeps your food fresh and keeps any oxygen from getting in. So, this is a much better way of covering your bowl or plate. If you’re using Tupperware, the size is just as important. If there’s too much room left over, oxygen will still be able to get into your food.


Of course, it’s always better to use a lid than aluminum foil. This will protect your food from getting too much oxygen. It’s also important to get your food cooled down quickly. If the warm food is stored at room temperature for over two hours, bacteria will quickly start to grow. This is especially true for food containing dairy products and meat.


If you’ve cooked way more food than you needed, a freezer is a much better option than the fridge. You can keep your leftovers good for months and it’s easier to make different portions in containers and bags. Don’t forget that after a while, even in the freezer, food can still go bad.


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