Tips For Beginners: How To Write A Blog

Tips For Beginners: How To Write A Blog

Writing is fun as long it is not related to school, college, or academic reasons. It is a passion for some and a habit for rest. There is no rocket science involved in writing a blog. Just simple skills and motivation are required for you to write a wonderful article. If you are a medical student you can write about things related to your field, a computer science student can write about information technology and stuff like that. Fashion bloggers write about the latest trends and hacks that are trending among the mass population.

If your grammar is decent and have a good vocabulary and know-how of Microsoft Word then you are all set to go. These are basic things anyone should have if they are interested in writing an article for a blog. A good blog post is well-researched and detailed without any loopholes.

What Makes A Good Blogpost?

Ask yourself which article is considered a good one. The one which is too lengthy with long paragraphs or the one that has short sentences and readable paragraph length.

Except for paragraphs and sentences and words, other elements you need to consider are

  • Is it easy to read?
  • Does the article visually appeal to the readers?
  • Does it have questions people are looking answers for to?
  • How is it going to bring traffic to your later post?

Search For The Latest Topics

The key to writing an interesting article is finding the right topic. Search for the latest technology advancements like AI artificial intelligence or recent business or marketing strategies that businesses are following. Furthermore, Open up Google, Quora, and social media platforms and look for what is trending there and what is famous among people.

 A good and well-researched topic will attract people to your website, eventually bringing your article to the eyes of many readers. You can even generate blog topics from tools available on the internet. This is why people choose a relevant and interesting topic for Wikipedia page articles because only well-researched articles are published on it. If not then it is difficult to guess how long does It take for Wikipedia to approve an article.       

Do A Research

After selecting the topic, open Google and start researching the topic. List down the important factors and elements and brainstorm your ideas. A well-researched article has all the necessary information and statistic which the readers are searching for. Imagine your topic is related to space technology and you haven’t written down the facts about it. As a result, do you think the reader will read it further if it has content other than the t Don’t overlook the style and tone of your writing? Both these elements can make a big difference.

 Focus On The Style

Writing in a way that the readers think you are talking with them. It makes them feel like there is communication going on between the reader and the writer.

Make It Presentable

You can use attractive pictures related to your topic or add infographics. This makes the article presentable and involves the readers in the blog.

Make It Readable

In addition to,things that make a text readable are :

  • Subheadings: Your readers want to see the main topics of your article, the subheadings make it easy for them to read and get the idea.
  • Short Sentences: Shorter sentences are easier to understand and read. Long sentences can make it hard to understand and people are often seen skipping such paragraphs that are complicated to read
  • Short Paragraphs: Long paragraphs make the reader run away from the blog. People are not interested in reading seven eight-line paragraphs.


These are some general tips for you to write an interesting article for your blog.

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