Why Do You Feel Shivering While Urinating?

You Think That it Is this a sign of a problem in the body? Shivering during Urination: Many people have shivering while urinating. Some people do not know the reason for this and some people consider it serious and go to the doctor. What do experts have to say about what causes tremors while urinating? Know this too.

Pee shivers:

Shivering is quite common in cold weather. Experts say that it is not necessary that shivering is only due to cold, there can be many reasons for this. When the temperature inside the body starts falling, there is shivering due to which the body temperature rises. Just as cough, hiccups, sneezing come without desire, similarly shivering also comes without desire (involuntary action). Many people feel shivering during urination or after urinating. This action is called post-micturition convulsion syndrome. There is no concrete evidence for why this happens, but some experts have tried to explain the shivering during urination in detail.

Which people feel cold while urinating?

It is not like the shivering is only due to cold. Shivering can also occur when sick, afraid, upset or excited. Anyone can shiver while urinating. When the diapers of small children are changed, many times you must have seen the child shivering. Experts believe that shivering while urinating has nothing to do with age. Everyone from children to the elderly can feel tremors while urinating. However, it also depends on the extent of the tremor. Sometimes some people may experience more shivering than others. It happens more with men than women but there is no research to prove this. These are considered possible causes of tremors.

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