Advantages of Co-curricular Activities at The Top CBSE School Ahmedabad

20 April 2023 Off By Kajal Verma

We all understand that a student’s education is built on a solid foundation that includes both academics and extracurricular activities from the Top CBSE school Ahmedabad. For students during school admission, extracurricular activities go beyond simple pastimes. 

They are crucial to achieving the ideal balance between a healthy mind and body. The Top CBSE school Ahmedabad has developed a variety of co-curricular activities for the children to help them break up the monotony of studying in a walled environment. 

After his school admission, every kid is free to select their preferred activity based on their interests. Using examples, let’s examine the value of different extracurricular activities.


What Do Co-Curricular Activities Involve?

Co-curricular activities refer to all extracurricular pursuits that a student engages in to assist him to stay motivated. The increase in endorphins caused by co-curricular activities makes pupils feel better physically and improves their academic performance. 

One must understand that extracurricular activities demand the same level of commitment and perseverance as academics; only then can a student progress significantly. Before delving into the specific sorts and value of co-curricular activities, one must first understand the subtle differences between extracurricular and co-curricular activities. 

Co-curricular activities have some connection to academic learning and are related to an educational setting. On the other hand, extracurricular activities feature an outdoor setup for the students to freshen up but receive no academic credit.


Co-curricular Activity Types

Did you know there are various categories into which co-curricular activities might fall? The categories heavily depend on a student’s motivation and ability. Let’s go over the many kinds of extracurricular activities.

1. Extracurricular Physical Development Activities

The pupils can participate in extracurricular activities including yoga, aerobics, Zumba, dancing, athletics, NCC, etc. for their physical development.

2. Co-curricular Exercises for Cultural Development 

The most popular extracurricular activities for students’ cultural development are theatre, plays, dance, and other performing arts. 

3. Extracurricular Activities for Social Growth

For their social growth, students can actively participate in social work, organize festivals or competitions, and volunteer at school events.

4. Extracurricular Activities for Academic Advancement

Participating in quizzes, debating, writing essays, extempore, poem recitals, narrative writing, spelling bees, book clubs, etc. are the most well-liked intellectual development activities.

5. Extracurricular Exercises for the Promotion of Psychomotor Skills

A few examples of psychomotor activities are knitting, gardening, gardening, tailoring, and bookbinding. Psychomotor exercises aid in the analysis of how your mind works throughout various activities. These exercises stimulate psychological growth by assisting in the relaxation of the brain’s muscles.


‍Co-Curricular Activities’ Advantages

Co-curricular activities play a crucial part in every student’s life. It supports a student’s growth in a variety of developmental areas in a planned manner. Let’s examine the value of extracurricular activities for elementary school children.

Raising Academic Performance

The most widespread misconception is that students who participate in extracurricular activities are more likely to struggle academically. Yet, the claim is wholly false. The fact that pupils who are very involved in extracurricular activities also perform extraordinarily well in their academics is demonstrated by their report cards. Their attention is really strong, and their brains work better.

Increases Self-Assurance

To create a solid academic profile, a student needs to have self-confidence and self-esteem. Students who actively engage in co-curricular activities have the opportunity to experiment with their work and build confidence. Also, it aids in the achievement of their objectives and pride in themselves.

Enhance talent and abilities

The best way to support a student’s learning and development of new abilities is through co-curricular activities. A child can identify their hidden talents and learn what ignites their passions. At a suitable age, they are likely to find and grow in new abilities.

Profound Social Competence

During co-curricular activities, kids have a ton of opportunities to engage with a wide range of other students, which can lead to the development of strong social skills. They interact with so many other students who share their interests and have chats with them. It aids in the early development of excellent social and communication skills in children.

Multidisciplinary Knowledge

A child acquires a variety of crucial abilities and values over time. A couple of the skills that you may observe are-

  1. Analytical and logical reasoning
  2. Ability to solve problems
  3. Capability to lead
  4. Innovativeness
  5. Using critical judgment
  6. Cultural norms
  7. Moral principles
  8. Values of Culture
  9. Character Development
  10. Technical expertise
  11. Emotional capabilities
  12. Reasoning logically
  13. Capability to communicate

Management of time

The ability to effectively manage their time is one of the major benefits of co-curricular participation for children. They can perform well at all levels while using this skill. A student gains knowledge about what to accomplish and how much time to spend on various tasks so that they may complete all of their work within the allotted time.



It is impossible to overstate the value of extracurricular activities in a student’s life since they give them the chance to enjoy learning. These exercises assist the students with unwinding, revitalizing, and raising the bar on their creative abilities. 

The best school in Ahmedabad places a lot of emphasis on the value of extracurricular activities for students in all grade levels. The most prestigious CBSE school in Ahmedabad draws students from different countries and cultures under one roof. 

A student is certain to develop a strong personality with excellent leadership, time management, and communication abilities. So why keep waiting? For a seamless experience, enroll your child at Global Indian International School right now.

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