Lake Charles DWI Lawyer Navigating Legal Challenges

Lake Charles DWI Lawyer Navigating Legal Challenges

1 November 2023 Off By Hinch and Associates PLC

Being the top Lake Charles DWI lawyers, Shane Hinch and their attorneys approach each case with a unique, investigative mindset. 

We’re inquisitive Attorneys who always look ahead and cover all angles for clients. We find answers to complex legal challenges and understand the needs of our clients to secure their rights. 

With expertise across various legal fields, our Lake Charles DWI lawyers adopt a collaborative approach with a tenacity that helps us find solutions across various legal domains. From navigating the criminal justice system to complex divorces, we can pave the path toward a better future for you.

Why Choose Us?

Our Lake Charles DWI lawyers have a robust history of obtaining favorable resolutions in every area of the law. We’re preferred by our clients because:


Put our 16 years of experience at work for you. 

Full-service Expertise

Whether you need a criminal defense attorney, a civil litigant, a family law attorney, a personal injury lawyer, or an expert to defend you against professional discipline cases, we can help. 

Contingency Fee Model

If you’re injured due to the negligence of another, you can bank on us to fight your case and only charge a fee if we win. 

24/7 Appointments

We offer weekend and after-hours consultations. 

Get in Touch

Schedule a consultation with our trustworthy Lake Charles DWI lawyers today. Call 337-940-9224 for tailored guidance and exceptional representation.

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