Top 10 Motor Graders in the World

Top 10 Motor Graders in the World

26 October 2023 Off By branden carter

Motor Graders are versatile construction machinery used to flatten surfaces during grading operations. Also known as road graders, these self-propelled industrial machines have an adjustable blade between their front and rear axles. They are suitable for many industrial works like surface leveling, material spreading, and cutting and that’s why are always in demand in the heavy-duty industry. Many equipment manufacturers worldwide design this industrial machinery. Let’s find out which are the world’s 10 most powerful motor graders.

  • Case 885B

Case 885B is one of the most powerful graders in the world. The heavy machinery offers top productivity, great comfort, and better visibility. This incredible grading tool is an ideal machine you can rely on for many construction operations. Case 885B motor grader for sale comes with a Tier 3 certified turbocharged diesel engine. This durable industrial equipment is suitable for infrastructure, agricultural, recycling, urban, and quarrying operations. The heavy machinery possesses some brilliant features that include a power shift drive transmission for increased productivity and flexible gear shifting, better fuel efficiency by consuming less horsepower to move the machine, floor-to-ceiling glass for a clear view from inside the cab, and great serviceability. 

  • SEM 919

SEM 919 promises to deliver an improved bearing layout and optimized load distribution using its 4 planetary gears. The grading machinery’s main priorities are better performance and long work intervals. This motor grader offers less downtime which reduces the maintenance cost and repairs. SEM 919 has additional protection to perform snow removal and snow-blowing tasks. This grading equipment works with a standard float blade that enables the blade to lower without using hydraulic pressure to increase its versatility. Also, the grader has proportional priority pressure compensating valves that contain spools for grading applications. The motor grader matches the hydraulic flow and pressure to power demands for easier multi-function control resulting in optimum work efficiency.

  • Volvo G946C

Volvo G946C comes with a D8J diesel engine to provide the best performance with zero noise and low fuel consumption. The grading machinery uses an independent wet disc braking system for safe and highly reliable operation. With state-of-the-art transmission, the Volvo G946C delivers top productivity during industrial operations. This powerful heavy equipment is ideal for fine grading and snow plowing jobs. Moreover, the grader works well on rough and uneven terrains. The machine’s design provides better stability for completing heavy-duty applications.

  • Sany SMG200C-8

Sany’s motor grader is a heavier grading machine that weighs 17,300 kg. The industrial machinery has a Cummins QSC diesel engine that delivers 253 horsepower. The engine has variable power functions to meet various construction work requirements. Moreover, this heavy machinery features a direct drive transmission that has 8 forward and 6 reverse gears for an efficient performance able to withstand several tough heavy load conditions. Sany’s grading equipment offers better visibility and is easier to operate. The motor grader has an air-conditioned cab with a heated air ride seat to provide comfort to the operator to work tirelessly for long intervals.

  • SDLG G9220

SDLG G9220 is another motor grader that provides top performance. The grading tool guarantees good traction and excellent blade downforce. This heavy machinery has a 164 kW Dalian Deutz diesel engine. Additionally, the SDLG G9220 possesses a ZF power shift transmission that makes this equipment a reliable and easy-to-use grading machine. It provides the smoothest grade on any surface with minimum fuel consumption using its 3 power curves. The grader has an operating weight of 16,500 kg and a blade downforce of 8,175 kg. 

  • Dormashina DM14

DM14 motor grader is an ideal grading tool in tough weather conditions. The heavy machinery can easily perform road leveling, blading, slope scrapping, and moving soil. With a 14-foot front blade that can go up to 30 inches deep, the grading equipment helps the operator complete his heavy-duty operations effortlessly. Additionally, the DM14 grader has a 71-gal fuel tank capacity to ensure this 30-foot machine maintains a 16 mph speed during running. This grading machinery is suitable for roads, railways, and airports for cleaning purposes.  

  • Deere 872G/GP

Deere 872/GP grader weighs around 21,600 kg. The smart grading equipment provides a blade pull of 22,453 kg. The strongly-built heavy machinery can work well without being damaged in all types of conditions. Moreover, this motor grader has 8 fingertip controls along with the handle attached to the armrest. Deere’s grading machine promises an increase in productivity with its double-track hydrostatic drive. The heavy machinery offers a pulling power of 485,000 lb. using its 300-horsepower diesel engine. This industrial equipment has an event-based shifting transmission for a smooth gear change during heavy-duty applications.

  • Komatsu GD675-1

Komatsu GD675-1 grader is excellent industrial equipment that takes care of environmental conditions. The operating weight of this 35-foot-long grading machine is between 17.35 to 19.22 tons. This incredible machinery comes with a powerful 221 horsepower diesel that powers its 6 robust wheels. Komatsu’s grader has a 13-foot-long blade and a pulling force of 2,500 lb. In addition, the road grading equipment has a fingertip control EPC system that reduces manual control by 92%.

  • XCMG GR5505

XCMG GR5505 grader is a 50-foot-long heavy machinery that weighs around 169,000 lb. The grading tool can travel at 28 mph speed. This powerful equipment has a 599 horsepower engine to perform tough industrial operations effortlessly. The motor grader features a 7.3 feet wide and 20 inches long blade to complete grading tasks perfectly. Moreover, this heavy machinery is quite famous for its high-strength structural parts and optimum power. It is suitable for open pit mine heavy load dozing, landform finishing, and other heavy load conditions. 

  • Cat 24

Cat 24 is the world’s largest motor grader. It is 54 feet long and has an operating weight of 161,000 lb. The 24-foot-wide grading machine has a pulling power of 86,500 lb. This industrial equipment has the ability to increase its weight by 11 times by providing better traction and lower blade pressure. This monstrous equipment works well on all types of surfaces. In addition, the Cat 24 motor grader has a 535 horsepower engine to provide the best performance during heavy-duty applications.


Motor Graders are versatile engineering machines that are widely used in the construction industry, mainly for grading operations. Industry giants like Cat, Komatsu, Deere, Case, and Volvo manufacture top-performance and high-quality grading tools that you can also find in the top 10 graders list. Till today, Cat 24 ranks as the biggest and one of the most powerful motor graders in the world.  

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